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19 Awesome Content Promotion Tools of 2019


What is the point of producing incredible content if we are not able to put it in front of the eyes of our target audience? I am sharing some writing tools to promote content efficiently and easily. These may not be the tools you have heard most often in some instances, but they are the ones which I use and have discovered over time. 

They offer simplicity, efficiency and do not fluff your entire budget.


To all honor, the first of many tools to promote content effectively is Facebook. But not just any method of publication. I'm talking about Facebook ads here. In recent years, Mark Zuckerberg's company has placed prominently under the box of publications on your professional page, a button with the following text: "Boost this publication." 

This is an easy way for you to revitalize your content effectively but also, to "give" money to Facebook. For those of you who want to improve their performance using this method of promoting content, can utilize the Facebook Business Manager. It is another tool developed by Facebook but which allows having more statistics, a history of its advertising and a few additional parameters to target the right audience. A tool which must be known.


Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to study social trends on a particular keyword. Following a search on a particular keyword, you will have access to the list of people who have shared the most popular articles on this topic. 

Subsequently, then, you have to contact these people and offer them your content on the same subject since obviously, they have an interest in it. It's a little bit longer to get it done, but since you share your content with people who are already "pre-qualified," the game is worth it!


CoSchedule allows you to share your content on all social media platforms. All in an automated way but customizable at a time. For example, you can present the same blog article from several different angles, presenting it with a different presentation text each time, changing photos or incorporating a new video for each type of publication.

Days are gone, when people are given the impression of "spamming" because we share the same article several times. Thus, we reach a wider audience since we approach bits of the content from varying angles.

Finally, CoSchedule ensures you to manage the interaction between the various members of your team. Editors, proofreaders, marketers. All can have access, be assigned tasks that are triggered automatically when one is over, and therefore you can save a lot of time!


Sumo platform offers lots of credible tools for content promotion. However, the most useful features for me is the share button and list builder. Its list builder ensures you to have popups to capture emails of your site visitors, and this now can be converted to marketing leads. Social buttons are displayed on pages which notifies users of the number of shares the post have, and this is an excellent social proof.


Ahrefs is much easier to use than to pronounce its name, lol! But it is a tool that ensures you situate yourself beautifully compared to your competitors. With Ahrefs, you can easily follow which are the links that point to the website of your competitors and thus be able to try to connect to these sites in turn since their interest in content like yours is obvious.


IFTTT (or If this then that) is a tool that allows you to automate the publication flows as much as possible. There is also Zapier which can help you with similar tasks. Definitely, tools to analyze closely with all the options they offer.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a rather basic tool, but with multiple uses: it allows to monitor its e-reputation, perform a competitive watch but also to curation. Just create an alert on a keyword that interests you (e.g. "content marketing") to be informed of the latest news on the subject.


Pinterest is a social image sharing network that can also be used as an excellent curation tool to find and share visual content.

Hootsuite Amplify 

This smooth platform is developed with just the goal of revitalizing your social reach. Its logic is to urge your employees to distribute your content.You can also keep track of who has the most shares and also which post of yours is most successful.


Netvibes is a complete solution for aggregating your news, social networks, and favorite sites and tracking them from a personalized dashboard.


Buzzstream portrays itself as a content marketing CRM. Building and managing all of your contacts can be done with this platform; it even has the email sending feature. Email templates can be created and also tracked with this cool tool to ensure that the emails are opened and also note when links are clicked.

The Old Reader

The Old Reader allows you to gather the sites of your choice and to organize them freely by theme or by interest. You can then read and share relevant content with your community very easily.


Quuu, is a platform where you submit your article and it will be shared across hundreds of linkedin, facebook and twitter accounts. Content producers pay to use this platform to share their contents, while sharers are these social media users who want to keep their profiles active with relevant contents.


Storify allows you to enrich your own posts with external content: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Giphy, Flickr, Getty Images, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Google, etc. You can also search other sources to find the appropriate content. Once the ideal content is found, users can drag and drop it into a document. 

At Storify, these are mobile modules based on your own content and external content. Your own texts can be highlighted as in a text editor. Once the message is ready, just click on "publish" and the article will be published in Storify. 

Before the content is put online, the service asks the user whether the cited authors, graphic designers or photographers should be informed, a particularly useful function when it comes to increasing the scope of a publication. There are several ways to reach your target group: users can cast their story on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, for example. 

For marketing professionals, the most interesting is to copy an embed code and publish it in their own blog, if the HTML editor allows it. The export function offers even more possibilities. The full article can be edited in HTML, XML or JSON. If you use WordPress, you can also use plugins to integrate the content.

Viral Content Bee

This platform is very similar to a platform called Triberr which we also reviewed in more details below. Its ideology is just to share other users content, and in turn they will share yours.


Unlike Hootsuite and TweetDeck, Edgar is a social media sharing scheduling platform with unique features which differs from the above-mentioned platforms. Whereby the other platforms require that you add new content if you aim for more sharing, Edgar actually reshares your old contents and never stops sharing. It helps just in case any of your fans missed an update.


There is no stupid question! This is the principle on which Quora is based: behind each knowledge, there is a question. When registering on the Q & A portal, users decide which topics are of interest to them. To do this, there are a large number of proposals. Then the service asks the users to inform the sector in which they work or study. 

Registration is complete, and you can begin to review the questions, read the answers and participate yourself as an expert. This is indeed the principle of Quora, which is not in itself a curation tool of content, but which can quite well be used as such to gather content.

For content marketing, it is important to keep an eye on the interests, preferences, and needs of the target group. Quora offers a very good approach: what kind of questions does the community ask in a thematic area? Knowledge is useful for both curating content and creating unique content. But Quora's answers can also be used for curation of content. 

As with Reddit, the best and most appropriate answers are placed at the top, so they are directly visible. If the content curator finds them compelling and wants to share them with their community, they can do so by pressing a button on Facebook and Twitter or via a direct link.

Quora has an interesting feature since the founders (two former Facebook employees) have many celebrities among the participants in their platform: for example, actor Stephen Fry, AOL founder Steve Case, Hillary Clinton and many others influential people in their field. Of course, it is possible to provide answers yourself. This allows you to establish yourself or your company as an expert in your field. It is also possible to have your own blog on the platform.


Inserting links to external content instead of attracting potential customers to their own site is a problem faced by many entrepreneurs and marketing experts who use content curation. The Sniply service offers a solution to this problem. The platform allows its users to create a call-to-action button that appears in shared content and links to their own website.

How does it work? First, the content curator creates a CTA button. He can customize his appearance (small button or footer wider), then enter the address of his website and the text of his choice. Than the actual curation begins, where the web content is inserted into the clearly arranged dashboard. With one click, Sniply creates a new link. If it is shown on social media instead of the original link, the CTA button always appears when the linked web page is displayed. By scrolling through the content, the reader never loses sight of the curator's recommendations. To facilitate snipping, the platform presents users with a browser extension. The links created can be dispensed via a buffer or Hootsuite, and directly on social media.

Sniply presents another useful additional feature: the tool also functions as a link reducer. The snip (so-called hyperlinks) that has just been issued by the service is always a short link in the format " /…". However, some users don't like this type of links because they transform the website to which the click leads. Therefore, you can also use your own domain. To do this, the name servers must direct to Sniply.

The link created by Sniply has even more advantages: since the redirection to the content is always done via Sniply, the tool can analyze the behavior of the target group. Sniply Analytics collects data such as clicks, conversions (that is, the number of visitors who have followed the CTA button), and time spent on the website, or bounce rate. You can also use custom scripts to link other analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. The A / B test is the perfect marketing tool to improve statistics. You then insert several variants of buttons for the same link. The system automatically presents the different versions and determines which one gives the best results. However, this is only possible with the paid version.


Triberr allows you to find the right person for any subject. And popular people, often called influencers, can significantly increase the reach of selected contributions if they share them.

Registration is very easy via interfaces to your own social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are available. Then users can join the tribe, or tribes, that is, communities of interest. However, there are still several tribes with different orientations within a division (for example, "design" or "podcasts").

To make the overview easier, you can only display tribes with a certain range (calculated from the number of Twitter followers of members) or a minimum number of members. However, before users can become members themselves, they must first be "simple" followers. Only then can the leader, that is the creator of the group, promote the follower to the rank of a member if he wishes. This system guarantees the quality of the contributions in the tribes.

Triberr not only provides a moment to learn about influencers but also provide the option to broadcast the content. Contributions emerge in the feed of each member. In addition, you can share your own contributions in social media.

Those who particularly appreciate the content of a member of a tribe can even switch to Auto-Share, and automatically forward each of its contributions to their own subscribers on social media. Beyond curation and content marketing, Triberr is particularly interesting for the influence marketing.

Marketers can use the podium to create campaigns that bloggers can join and then write about the brand. An algorithm makes it possible to select the most suitable influencers. Triberr can also deal with contracts and the payment of influencers. In principle, the service is wholly free. Both Lite and Prime subscriptions offer the same features, but their reach is increased in each case: with premium versions, you can create more tribes, connect more blogs and social media accounts to your profile, and import more messages.


Again, this is a technique that is not quick to achieve but is still quite simple despite everything. It is simple to analyze with the help of tools like BrokenLinkCheck for example, broken links on a site for which you would like to have an inbound link. 

Once you have done this exercise, first provide the information on the broken links on the site. Then, suggest to its owner links from your site that can replace these broken links. It's a safe bet that they will agree to do so in return for the service rendered.

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow In 2019


Digital marketing is an industry in constant evolution. Every month, new changes appear in the world of social networks, search (Google) or content marketing (blogging, videos, etc.). New technologies are coming into our lives. There are various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Today, it is not enough to be present on a single platform, it is more interesting to integrate several in your strategy. After all, you are not at home. Fortunately, you can combine them (or integrate) together in your strategy. For example, use Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Ads to promote your blog posts, not to mention optimize your articles for SEO.

You could also turn a blog article into a short video and post it on multiple social networks, adapting the message to meet different expectations on each one. The possibilities are numerous. It's up to you to choose which platforms you want to "play" and see which ones work best for you. In the next few years, also expect to see artificial intelligence invading our world with ever smarter robots, the rise of voice assistants like Alexa, and so on.

However, we will not just list but also explain the top 7 digital marketing trends to follow come 2019, which is expected to drive real growth to businesses. So, sit back tight and enjoy the article.

Video Marketing 

Video marketing is on the upward slope. YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix are fighting to become your second television. Internet users want more video, and it's up to businesses to adapt. Cisco anticipates that 80% of content on the web will be videos by 2019.

I still have other interesting statistics for you, all harvested by Forbes:

  • According to YouTube, Internet video consumption doubles every year.
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video of this product.
  • Video ads now account for more than 35% of all online advertising spend.
  • A third of the time spent online by Internet users is dedicated to watching videos.
  • On social networks too, videos are very popular, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2017, Buzzsumo conducted an interesting study that clearly shows that the videos on Facebook can obtain a much higher commitment to other types of publications (images, links). Native videos also appeared on LinkedIn a few months ago and using them literally gives you free visibility.

Lives are also becoming more popular on social networks and more and more businesses are starting to adopt them, even if the transition seems a little more difficult. According to a study conducted by Buffer, only 31% of marketers surveyed had a Live in 2017.

For those who did Live, 91% of respondents used Facebook as a platform to broadcast their Live, followed by Instagram and Snapchat.

Often, when we think of videos, we think of filming ourselves in front of his smartphone and then editing (or delegating). In other words, it requires being comfortable with the camera, a skill that we do not naturally have. And in addition, it requires video editing skills (or money).

If you are introverted, it can seem intimidating. For me, it was. So to get started, I first invested in editing software.

I chose Animoto for its value for money and its many recommendations. The advantage of this software is that you can create professional videos from images or mini-clips in just a few minutes.

This allowed me to get interesting results in terms of organic reach on my Facebook page. To be more comfortable in the video, I also recorded interviews on Skype with screen sharing which I then published on my private Facebook group.

So that's what I advise you to do if you have not started yet because it has been proven that visual content will be a huge boost come 2019 marketing. 


These bots that make you talk on Messenger. Personally, I feel that it has been barely a year since chatbots really became popular on Messenger. Yet, statistics show that the growth of chatbots is impressive, from 33,000 "only" chatbots in September 2016 to more than 100,000 a few months later.

Chatbots can be used to improve customer service, send content or promotions, etc. Domino's Pizza is my favorite example to show you a clever use of chatbots.

In the USA, if you click on "Send a message", you will be introduced to a chatbot who will invite you to:

  • Make an order
  • Redo an order placed
  • Track an order

You understand you can order a pizza without interacting with someone on the phone, Incredible!

Now, I would like to add 2 things about chatbots:

1. That Remains Permission Marketing 

 Unlike emailing where we receive (often) spam emails, you will never receive an unsolicited message on Messenger from a chatbot. You must first have interacted with the company on Messenger to receive Messenger campaigns, for example:

  • By clicking on a link that links you to Messenger
  • By contacting the company directly via its Facebook Page

For the second point, if you contacted a company on Messenger, it can send you messages via a chatbot (since you are part of his Messenger contacts). At any time, you can unsubscribe from automatic sequences on Messenger. 

2. People Like to Interact with a Chatbot 

 Chatbots have already been well adopted by the American population, with already over 50% of Americans between 18 and 55 years old who had an interaction with a chatbot.

Another study conducted by LivePerson (5000 respondents) also shows that respondents are quite positive about their experience with a chatbot. 38% of respondents had a positive experience compared to only 11% who had a negative experience.

However, it seems certain that bots will not be so badly received in our society. Another good news: there are inexpensive software programs, like Manychat, to set up your chatbot and create mini-sequences on Messenger, by configuring automatic answers to common questions or queries for example.

Expect to see more companies using chatbots in 2019 and after for their customer service.


The Stories Instagram can be defined as multiple images or videos assembled together as a slideshow, and set tells a story. Unlike a conventional publication, they have a life of only 24 hours. It is a real "game-changer" in the sense that users can publish on social networks in a more spontaneous way and therefore with less preparation than classic content.

They were popularized by Snapchat and then reposted by Instagram in August 2016. As you can see, Stories are displayed all on the screen, creating immersive experiences.

This is a real success when you count that there are already more than 300 million Instagram users who make Stories every day, almost 2 times more active users than Snapchat. But don't think that only individuals benefit from this trend.

Companies too have taken advantage of this trend since they plan to create more in 2018, according to this study conducted by Later. Companies want to invest their time and money in stories to take advantage of this format that is both authentic and engaging, which in addition allows them to have all the attention of the person, to:

  • Humanize their brand
  • Show behind-the-scenes content
  • Show the progress of a project or the creation of a product
  • Teaser of new products
  • Make an announcement

In addition, the ephemeral nature of stories means that companies can take advantage of it to make limited-time promotions, most companies also incorporate storytelling in other to bring more customer engagement.

Rise in Cost of Social Advertising 

Yes, you read right and should expect this in 2019. These elements mentioned in this article could well change the situation of marketing in half a dozen years. Because the question for advertisers will no longer be: "how to reduce Internet social advertising rates and be present at low cost on a maximum of websites." But "how to capture the real attention of users by being perceived positively".

However, this paradigm shift should lead advertisers - and their agencies - to rethink their positioning on how to reach people. And at the same time, internet advertising rates increase as the real attention of the users becomes a variable taken into account in the calculation of the prices of the campaigns.

But this increase should not be seen as a problem for advertisers, on the contrary. Tracking, optimization, and targeting will help advertisers focus on impactful campaigns that really affect the users who are their target audience. And thus benefit from an ROI despite the tariff increase.

Website publishers will be able to balance their business model between a premium formula and an ad-supported formula, generating viable revenue, but with better-targeted campaigns, better integrated, more impactful for users and advertising rates.

Growth Hacking 

If the promise of rapid global growth makes you dream, you should know that the growth in question here is primarily that of your user base. Then the fruits of these first optimizations will materialize, thanks to the time saved by the automation.

An Ideal Strategy to Develop its User Base.  

 Growth Hacking was first developed by start-ups. Like any business, they aim to increase their turnover. But, more than any other company, they must also make themselves known. Who can sell a totally unknown product or service, indeed? Hence the idea of acquiring traffic.

A small example to better understand, Airbnb, you know? Well, to make itself known, this site has resorted to Growth Hacking.

Each ad published on the platform was systematically relayed to another non-partner site but much better known in the United States (Craiglist).

This is how Airbnb now enjoys a global audience.

In this example, we understand not only the concept of "piracy": needless to say that the strategy adopted by Airbnb was not very fair, or even the limit of legality. Fortunately, however, Growth Hacking techniques are not all of this kind.

Another aspect of this strategy is also reflected here, that of automation. Of course, nobody at Airbnb took care of manually relaying the ads on Craiglist. The process was automated.

And Generate Rapid Growth 

Of course, increasing your user base will ultimately boost your revenue. This is not a mystery: the more known and reputable your products are, the more likely they are to sell. Growth Hacking, by increasing your visibility, will give better arguments to your sales representatives. The key is real economic growth.

User Generated Content 

When we talk about user-generated content or UGC (UGC), we generally refer to all content made available online, which would have been produced in whole or in part by end users, and most often traded through social media. The TOS may be videos or product demonstrations, blog posts, photos on certainly specialized platforms such as Instagram, or any other testimonial to promote a product or company. 

These contents are quite representative of the evolution of habits on the web, with the ever-increasing progress of social networks and online communities. Because it's a fact: Internet users are less and less fooled by unfounded advertising messages and they finally have little interest in traditional advertisements touting the merits of products that are not adapted to their own problems. 

On the contrary, an online recommendation is seen as a true validation of the quality of the product and the seriousness of a brand, with consumers trusting themselves to leave honest evaluations of their purchases.

And this is all the more important as the means to share his opinion are nowadays very varied: photos, videos, tweets. It is now considered that 80% of the content available online is user-generated content. But if Internet users find it interesting to consult opinions online, they are also 59% willing to share their opinion with a company against some financial compensation. 

This is an impressive figure that shows that the UGC market is indeed colossal for advertisers. And the consequence of this is obvious: UGCs are a real asset for a brand and many companies, big or small, trying to take advantage of this opportunity to outperform the competition. Now you should expect this trend more in 2019.

Interactive Content Marketing

It can be understood by Interactive content Marketing, the one that uses communication techniques that are based on technological supports such as, quizzes, polls, videos among others.

The advantages offered by interactive content marketing to the companies that use it are: segmentation of its target, since the main tool used is the quizzes, this allows reaching a specific audience and also for the company to get closer to the client in a non-invasive way, there is also the coverage that as previously mentioned is carried out during marketing and this has great coverage worldwide and allows that which the company wants to transmit quickly reach the desired audience; theInteractivity. 

It is also part of the advantageous marketing group, because it allows the company to interact with the target audience and thus create relationships to be able to reach customers more easily and thus sell or offer products or services in a more personalized way and this it leads to an affinity which suggests that it is when a group of individuals has common interests; already in the commercial part, it is when a strong connection with the clients is generated, therefore this advantage is quite profitable since through the affinity with time the relations between the organization and the client are strengthened. 

Since the internet is the main tool, another advantage is used, which is through the use of information channels, distribution and sales, so that through this you can commercialize the products or services managing the creativity so that the experience with the client is more positive and thus the campaigns that are made by this means are very effective. The Branding is extremely important because through it the salient features of the product are shown so that the client is fully informed.

All these advantages lead to interactive content marketing to be an intelligent marketing since through all of them you can offer customers in a personalized way products or services that are looking for at that moment through the distribution channels with which the company.


We have discussed these digital marketing trends to follow that are expected in 2019 which will surely improve any digital business if done properly. If you haven't started yet with any of these digital trends, it will be great to start now.

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Joomla vs Wix: Which CMS to Choose for Your Website?


Nowadays a website is a must if you have any business. For developing a website, you can use any tool you want. However, selecting the wrong one will cost you both time and money.

There are a lot of website builder tools available in the Joomla market. It is a very tough choice to choose the right one. Among these CMS and website builders, Joomla and Wix website builder is pretty much popular.

You can develop a website very easily with both Joomla and Wix; both have its unique features and functionalities. Building a website is now a lot easier than earlier time.

In spite of having so many features and functionalities sometimes it becomes hard to choose only for your development process. Today I am going to show you everything about Joomla vs Wix. After reading the post, you will be able to determine which tool to use for your development. 

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the very popular CMS platforms. Joomla has won several awards and fully free open source CMS. This CMS allows you to build exciting websites along with powerful online applications. Joomla is built on MVC (Model View Controller) web application framework.

Joomla CMS is written in PHP language, and it uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming) techniques. It stores data in MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL database and contains features such as RSS feeds caching, news flashes, printable versions of pages, search, blogs, and support for language internationalization.

This popular CMS is downloaded over 93 million times and more than 0.4 million websites exits that are made with Joomla. There are over 8000 commercial and free extensions are available on the Joomla Extensions Directory. The current version of Joomla is 3.8, but soon version 4 will be launched. 

What is Wix?

Wix is another popular web development platform that is fully cloud-based and founded by Avishal Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan on Israel. It allows its users to make their websites very easily with the help of online drag and drop tools. Users can also add more functionality like e-commerce, social plugins, contact forms, online marketing, community marketing and email marketing to their websites.

Wix Platform follows the freemium business model, and it earns revenues from premium upgrades. If any user wants to connect domain with their sites, add e-commerce capabilities, remove Wix ads, or buy extra bandwidth and data storage, he must purchase the premium package of Wix. 

Joomla vs Wix Comparison

Title Joomla Wix
​1. Template Unlimited numbers of templates ​Limited numbers of Wix templates
​2. Extension​Unlimited number of extension​Limited number of Wix tools
​3. Third Party Support​YesNo​
4. Price Scheme​​FreeFree, Monthly & Annual​
5. Can I run my store?​​Yes at free of costYes with additional $48​
6. Custom Coding​​YesNo​
7. Web Traffic Reporting​​YesNo​
​8. Customer Support​Training, ForumPhone, Ticket, Live Support, Training​
9. Enriched Documentation​​YesYes​
10. Hosting Support​​NoYes​
11. Open Sourced​​YesNo​
12. eCommerce Support​​Full Featured eCommerce SupportBasic eCommerce Support​

Joomla Features

​Joomla comes with many exciting features, but the most crucial ones are:

User Management

Authentication is one of the very important parts for the user management. Joomla supports multiple protocols including Gmail and LDAP. With the help of this users can streamline the registration process by using their existing account information.

Joomla uses its own registration system and allows to control user accounts from the admin account. A total of seven user groups with various types of permissions are available with Joomla.

These user groups are:

Registered: This group of the user is allowed to login in the front-end interface, but they cannot contribute to any content of the site. Though with the registered access they can contribute to the forum or access the download section of the site.

Editor: An editor can post and edit any content item they want. They are not confined to edit their own articles only. Besides they can also edit the published and unpublished ones. Unpublished ones are invisible for everyone except, editor, publisher, manager and

Author: One author can create a new post content and submit it. After submitting the post, it needs to be approved by a higher level of the user. Only then his post is published, and he can modify anything further.

Publisher: One can post, edit and publish any content within their back end from this group of users. They review articles, edit it, and when it's alright to publish the content, they publish it

These three groups of section allow users to access Joomla.

Manager: This group gives access to system information and content creation of Joomla. Managers can create, edit, delete any content they want along with menus and front page. They do not have the full access to all mechanism of Joomla, like installing modules or components.

Administrators: This group has access to most of the administrative functions of Joomla. An administrator has the privilege of almost everything. However, they cannot alter, edit or install any templates and make any changes to the global configuration option of the Joomla.

Super Administrator: This user has access to every administration functions. Only a super administrator can create or edit another super administrator account. Full access to ALL AREAS is given to these users and once a super administrator account is created cannot be easily deleted. 

Better Content Management

Organizing your content is so much easier with Joomla flexible category system. Organize the content like the way you want, and it's not necessary how the content will be on your website. Your users can read, comment, create articles or if they want they can also email them to a friend.

Administrator, authors and appropriate users can modify and archive the content for safekeeping, hide it from your visitors. Built-in email cloaking protects your precious email addresses from the spambots.

Content creation comes with simplicity in Joomla. The WYSIWYG editor gives the user control to combine images and texts in an attractive way. Once you have created your content, there are several pre-installed modules available to show the latest items, most popular articles, related articles, news flashes and much more. 

Page Builder Support

The page builder is a great tool to lower your development cost and time of your Joomla site. With the help of page builder, you do not need to know any programming language, as most of the page builder comes with drag and drop interface. All you have to do is drag elements and a little bit of customization.

You will find a lot of page builders in the Joomla market, but among them, Quix page builder is the best one. It has a lot of features and functionalities which increases the power of Joomla very much. 

Unlimited Number of Templates

Building a Joomla website with a Joomla website builder is like playing with a toy. Many toys are waiting to play with you, and these toys are nothing else but templates. There is a huge number of templates from numerous template providers are available in Joomla. All the styling and designs are already made, all you have to do is a little bit modification.

If you do not like one template you will like another, every day new Joomla templates are being released. Some of the templates are free, and some are premium. There are so many templates that even if you try one template at a time, you will get old to finish all the templates. 

Unlimited Number of Extensions

Joomla got its own extension directory; all your required extensions are available here. Everything is possible with the help of the extensions from extensions directory. There are more than seven thousand extensions are available that makes your task easy.

You do not need extra coding or hire a professional for doing a specific task, Joomla extensions are here to fill the gap. For doing a specific task, several extensions are available. You choose the one that fulfills your need and fits your budget. Some of these extensions come in the free version, and some come in pro version, and all extensions are regularly updated.

There is extension available for photos, social web, news display, style & design, site management, contact & feedback, e-Commerce, structure & navigation, core enhancements, ads & affiliates, directory & documentation, communication, authoring & content, clients & communities, vertical markets, marketing, living, search & indexing, access & security, sports & games extension specific and miscellaneous category. 

System Features

Speed is the nature of Joomla, Page Caching, GZIP compression and granular level module caching enables to load pages very much faster. If a bug occurs on your system or you want to troubleshoot any problem, you can easily do it with the help of debugging mode and error reporting.

The FTP layers allow you to operate file operations without having to make all the files and folders writable, increasing your security of the site and your administrative life easier. In Joomla, administrators can efficiently and quickly communicate with site users one on one with the help of private messaging or all site users with mass mailing system. 

E-Commerce and Affiliates

Creating and managing e-Commerce site is super easier with Joomla. You can easily do it with the help of Joomla e-commerce template, and besides, there are several Joomla e-commerce extensions available at Joomla market. These extensions lessen your work and allow you to manage each product with ease.

Joomla helps its users by affiliates and integrating many ads by just copying the code and pasting it into your Joomla website in the place you want. 

Page Editor and Mobile Joomla

Extensions provide many additional benefits to your original editor, like fonts, better multimedia control, background color and much more. With this, you get to style your text by accessing it from the text editor itself. Moreover, all of these you can do right from your mobile phone.

All your Joomla websites can be managed easily right from your phone. Go wherever you want and access it all whenever you want. 

Communication and Social Networking

Communication expands your business; you always need to communicate with users or customers for so many reasons like helping, support, chat, forum, etc. Your Joomla can offer any types of communication support.

Social networks are now more popular; people disseminate their ideas on social media. So it is essential to connect your business with social media and bring more visitors to your site. Joomla gives you the freedom to integrate such social networking on your Joomla site. 

Platforms for Modules and Feedback

It is a little bit difficult to add custom HTML, PHP, javascript, etc to your Joomla website. But for you, there are so many extensions have been built that integrates any script with your Joomla website easily. With this feature, you can create a custom form or add a script to your Joomla installation very easily.

To develop your website feedback is very much important. You can take feedbacks from different polls, surveys, suggestions, and many more. Joomla helps you to integrate all these features into your Joomla installation. 

Wix Features


There is a lot of plugins available for different CMS's, but some of those are scum also and sometimes can be the reason of hacking. As Wix is not under open source platform, people can't get their hands on the code of Wix. Which means only developer team under Wix can make the website building tools.

You will enjoy bugless features, and the chance of hacking will be also lessened. The Apps Market of WIx is also expanding; therefore you can add more functions to your Wix website. The apps form the market are fully integrated with Wix, so you do not have to have to worry regarding installation.

If you face any technical issues with tools of Wix, the support team will fix it for you. 

Ease of Use

If you know how to code, then you feel like restrained as Wix doesn't allow you to do customizations like WordPress or any other CMS. Though Wix has customization limits, Wix is designed and built in a way so that it is very much easier for non-developers to use Wix with ease.

Wix is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) website builder, so with Wix, you can drag and drop pictures paragraphs, shopping cart buttons, slideshows, etc directly into the website builder to start developing your website. Your site will look exactly same as you design with Wix.

Wix lets you design your site with drag and drop any content on your screen. There is no need for any coding or special knowledge. Wix has made it very easy for any levels of users to build their desired website quickly. 

Stunning Templates

Wix has its own template library; there is more than 500 template of different categories are available with it. No matter which kind of website you need to build, you will find every type of template at Wix template library. Each template comes with unique and elegant styles.

If you are thinking about responsiveness, than not to worry as every template comes with mobile responsiveness. It will look same gorgeous on every device as it looks on the desktop.

These templates are developed by Wix official persons, and therefore there is no chance of scams. Use the template with ease but if you find any difficulty do not forget to tell it to support team. 

Wix Code & Triggered Email

With Wix editor get all the stunning design features and advanced capabilities. Create new dynamic pages, set up new databases, build custom fonts, repeating layouts and take total control of your site with JavaScript and Wix API. That's not all the latest version of WIx includes parenthesis and variable highlighting, new styling features, code auto-suggest and much more.

Wix allows you to send automated and custom mail to your site members and customers with the help of Wix code. To set up a your triggered event, create your email and code snippets or include dynamic contents. Turning on the developer tools is a requirement to use Triggered Emails. To do that go to Wix dashboard > Contacts & CRM > Triggered Emails. 

Wix Arena & SEO Wiz

Wix arena consists of more than 100s of Wix experts, who are very much eager to meet their future client and develop design their Wix websites. You can search for your Wix expert by location, or language and get your own professional website quickly without any trouble.

SEO Wiz option lets you analyze your keywords instantly, and you get the result about how competitive your keywords are. Then you get the recommended one from the SEO wiz. With the help of this tool, you can quickly index your site on google, and even you can rank up your page very faster.

SEO Wiz comes with a personalized plan, you have to just answer a few questions about your website, keyword, location and then your own plan will be designed by SEO wiz. 

Wix Stores and Payment Methods

Customize the checkout experience for your customers the way you want. Add or remove any fields from the checkout page, select which fields are necessary and add a store policy check box. To customize your checkout go to WIx Stores > Advanced settings > store settings.

If you wish you can also provide own area to customers, where they will be able to view their history, track orders, check invoices and much more. Wix supports all the popular payment gateways including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, Stripe, and UnionPay. You can use this payment gateways for your products and services. 

Wix Editor & ADI

If you add a new page to your site, the design of the page will be identical to the previous page you edited. The HTML components update provides links to Wix Code resources as well as tracking tool and analytics with settings panel.

With the new media settings, you can expand your header to full width, display a full image in a section or use crop tool and fit along with your design. Choose from youtube, Vimeo videos, and background uploads. 

Wix Blog and Video

Make your blogs content rich with the editor of Wix. make more stunning posts, customize, galleries, add links and captions to images, embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, FaceBook or more. You can upload your videos to Facebook and Youtube instantly through Wix Video.

If you wish you can also add your Wix Video to your Wix ADI site. Just go to Section > Video Player and then choose from nine beautiful layouts.

Quix vs Wix

First, let's discuss about Wix, this website builder gives you lots of features and build website absolutely free, but when you want to add your domain, you must use their premium plan.

Now tell me one thing, what is the benefit of a free site which doesn't allow you to add your preferred domain without money? That means they are forcing you to take premium plans. On the contrary, you can use Joomla and Quix page builder to publish your site anywhere without money.

Joomla is a very popular CMS, and it got better with Quix Joomla page builder. All the features and functionality provided by Wix is very less in front of Quix page builder. Your website building experience will get enhanced with Quix, before buying you can try quix.

To know more about quix, you can do it from here

Which One is Better For You

Joomla and Wix both are better, but it depends upon your use and needs.

If you do not have any time at all to check your website and have a lot of money than choose Wix. Because Wix will only allow you to make a website with everything limited. If you are happy with a website like "Hello World," then certainly Wix is better for you.

But if you want to build a site that will give you the freedom to edit code, customize and use third-party templates and extensions than choose Joomla. There is nothing impossible that cannot be built with Joomla. You can create any simple to complex websites with Joomla.

You have got no restrictions on Joomla, do whatever you want.

I will not tell you what you should do or what you should choose. It's fully your choice, but if you ask for my opinion, I will suggest to go with Joomla.

If you want to know the reason it's simple, I love to build elegant websites with cool functionality, and when I finished my Wix project it was like: "Finally its over, now I can work with something interesting."

Another factor for not choosing Wix is money. By choosing the combo plan for Wix, you get 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage and some basic options for $8.50/month. Where with less money you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth and much more thing from inmotion hosting. Other hostings also provide you with almost the same facilities.

By the money you use in Wix, with the same money you can do more than enough. Hope you have got the point and will choose the right one for you. 


Joomla and Wix both have much popularity. In this post we have described about Wix vs Joomla, now it's up to you to choose your website building tool. Still unsure? Well, you can use both and then decide which one is suitable for you.

If you are one of the Joomla fans, then feel free to check our exclusive Joomla templates

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18+ Free & Premium ReactJS Admin Templates


The Admin Dashboard is considered as part and parcel of a website. The people who involve in Web Developing- feel this way. Everything on a website can be controlled from its Dashboard plus there is an overall task report.

But the fact is admin preference- how s/he likes to have the dashboard organized and looks like. Typically, the admin dashboard is built with various JS Frameworks.

However, each of the frameworks does have some unique strengths for which they worth to be given priority but their primary objectives are almost same.

If you are searching for the most appropriate admin template for your website, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we have listed out 18+ top ReactJS admin Templates with their specifications that would definitely help you to choose your best fit.

You can also check the list of 12+ top VueJS Bootstrap Templates and 18+ top AngularJS Bootstrap Templates from the included links.

Selection Criteria

Feature and Design: A good product comes with well-furnished designs and rich features. We have selected this as a selection criterion so that you can easily choose your template.

Popularity & Review: Reviews of a product helps you to save your time, and sometimes you can know most of the product just by reading. We have chosen templates with good reviews and popularity.

Support & Update: Support and updates help you when you use the product and support help you to solve your problems. Updates give you latest features and bugfixes. Therefore we have categorized templates and chosen only those templates that provide support & update.

Let's check these templates. 

Premium ReactJS Admin Templates


Spin is an admin template with an innovative Dark UI and minimalistic design that lets you build an amazing admin dashboard. It is designed for large-scale applications, with specific step by step documentation. Spin is crafted with Bootstrap 3+ and ReactJS.

The spin template comes with more than 40 combinations of color versions, 120+ unique pages, 30+ applications, 20+ layout variations and 10 sidebars that lets you customize easily. Spin is fully responsive and adapts to any sized screen instantly. 


Rubix is a 100% responsive admin template powered by Bootstrap and ReactJS that fits any screen size. Rubix comes with a huge collection of React UI components and Rubix chart library. For managing and automating the asset pipeline, SASS preprocessor for CSS is included with Rubix.

Don't worry if you want to make dashboard in a language like Arabic or Hebrew. Rubix is RTL supported so you can make it in any language. Doesn't matter it is LTR or RTL. There are four different viewing modes (Static, Boxed, Fixed and Fluid) in Rubix.


SmartAdmin is a 100% mobile responsive template with flat design, that can be used on any project. It does not matter whether you are making an app or blog or an admin panel. The smart features let you develop amazing projects in your own way.

SmartAdmin comes with 7 theme skins 7 unique google map skins. That is not all it comes with retina ready and eCommerce ready with RTL support and a clean, structured code. 


 NeuBoard is a premium admin template with a modern and flat design. It is built with Bootstrap 3, ReactJS and media queries. You can use Neuboard for all types of dashboards, web apps and content managements systems.

When you buy this template, you get access to all versions with several theme colors and complete landing page. 


An RTL supported translation ready admin template by Themicon. It is a multiple framework template so when you buy it; you get all other versions along with ReactJS. Angle is packed with lightbox, touch carousel, sticky and auto hide navbar.

The ReactJS version includes hot-reload, web pack and React router. Angle is cross-browser supported so adjusts perfectly to any browser. 


Ant is a developer-friendly admin template by Arousing. This template is built with Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS. Its ScSS CSs makes it easy to customize and allows you to give your custom look to your projects.

Ant comes with multiple layouts, 18 predefined color schemes, and cross-browser support. It also offers nested routing with React router, lazy loading, package management with NPM and more stuff. 


An administrator template with minimalistic design by Solution Portal. Eract is powered by ReactJS and Bootstrap 4. It is a beginner friendly template for developers and comes without redux or flux implementation that makes it easier to work with.

Eract comes with built-in support for SASS and CSS preprocessor. Eract has both mail and chat options with different buttons and typography options. There are several widgets included with Eract, which supports icons such as typicons and Font Awesome. 


SimpliQ by Creativelabs is an admin template that lets you develop modern admin site or dashboard in the fastest way. SimpliQ offers high-quality clean code and great design, that is optimized in a way to load faster and provide you a better experience. It helps you to maximize your productivity with acceleration in the development process and saves you hundreds of dollars.

When you buy SimpliQ, you get access to use the other versions of this template. 


Genius is a premium admin template with an extensive dashboard panel. This template is crafted with Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS. Genius comes with various widgets to keep track of your traffic, income and all other activity. You will find responsiveness in its every potion.

Besides, you do not worry about new features as it is regularly updated twice a month. 

Free ReactJS Admin Templates


CoreUI is an open source admin template based on Bootstrap 4 and offers 6 different versions. It is just not any administrator template; it goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to its file structure and transparent code. CoreUI consists of 1000 high-quality icons and a bunch of unique features.

With CoreUI you will be able to complete any project very quickly. This template is MIT licensed open source project, so it is completely free to use. If you like the template, you can donate its developers. 

React Blur Admin

Blur Admin is a neat admin template which includes several styles and components: buttons, tabs, editable fields, progress bars, etc. This template is crafted with React JS and Bootstrap 4. With Blur Admin you can give a whole new, different look to your project, does not matter if you are developing dashboard or web application.  

React Ant.Design Admin UI is free administrator template based on Bootstrap and React JS. This template comes with exciting features like Babel, mocha, Ant.Design, Redux, enzyme and more. is licensed under MIT.  

SB Admin v2.0

A free bootstrap admin template based on React Starter Kit using Webpack & ES6. SB admin comes with a very attractive and easy GUI that lets you manage everything very easily just from one place. You do not need any other tools for developing an admin site, as there is everything necessary included in it.  

ReactJS AdminLTE

React AdmintLTE is a popular free admin template that comes with React JS and Bootstrap framework. This template is ReactJS version of the original AdminLTE dashboard. React AdminLTE is packed with exciting components like ReactJS timeline, ReactJS widgets and much more.

Admin on Rest

A popular niche admin template for developing admin applications running in the browser on top of REST services. Admin on rest template comes with WYSIWYG editor, REST API, custom actions, conditional formatting and much more. It is a highly customizable template so you can change any potion in the way you want.  


CxJS is a free feature-rich template for building complex web front ends, admin dashboards and applications. It comes with several layouts, widgets, charts, form validation, etc. There are three themes available with CxJS material, frost, and dark.

When you download this template, you get the necessary boilerplate with it. You get CxJS absolutely free for noncommercial use. 

Antd Admin

Antd is an administrator template based on ant-design, React, dva and mock. With Antd you can complete any type of project regarding admin dashboard or application very fast. Besides you can easily customize the whole template in your own way. 

Newband Admin

Newband is a minimalistic free admin template based on Bootstrap and React. You get perfect right management function with front-end and back-end paging with Newband. If you are short on your budget and want good template at no cost then, Newband is the template you are looking for.  

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How To Add Disqus Comments On Your Joomla Websites


Either you're using Joomla templates and WordPress themes, user generated Joomla comments and WordPress comments are important. It bears a testimony that your posted masterpiece is helping others tremendously. Visitors are found to and fro across the site to site to find out their desired contents.

Before getting into your well-researched blog post, they try to find some significant traits which give them reason to read further or bounce. Now the question is what are those traits, right?

In my opinion they are not so many, but the most important elements are - huge post views, social shares and positive comments. Among those, good comments are the most effective, it allures the dark horse to be well-acquaintance of your website. But what if your post comments are full of spamming? definitely you would lose significant number of constant traffic along with the following inconvenience.

  • Consume valuable time and labour

When you’ve websites like ThemeXpert with tons of useful blog posts, You would constantly start receiving comments in your maximum viral posts. With the useful appreciation you found spammers are trying to spam in your comment. Consequently you have to spend time to keep them up-to-date frequently.

  • Can’t stop traffic getting stolen

If you couldn’t manage time to clean up your website from spammy comments, visitors will pipe through other website easily.

  • Endanger site from hacking

Either you are running Joomla or WordPress websites, if you don’t turn on comment filtering for malicious code, hackers can hack your site putting malicious code via your site commenting system.

  • Increase site loading time

If a website fails to load within 5 to 8 seconds, statistics show that visitors start hitting back button with waiting for site comes in. On top of that the continuation of bounce rate keeps increasing. In this circumstance, Google may penalize your site and demote your site with lower ranking.

  • Google is cracking down on bad links

Google always hates bad links, If you don’t manage time to moderate your site comment, Google think you’re allowing bad links into your website, the Google bot won’t care whether the link are attached in the commenting system or elsewhere.

Now you might be thinking what would be ultimate solution to keep your site away from such an inconvenience, right? According to my experience I found default commenting system of popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla requires tons of configuration to make it safe from unexpected danger.

Even in my whole career I found many of CMS power users find difficult to add spamming safety configuration, let alone the new comers. To comprehend this issue, we have to find component which will be ultimate solution package, allows automated settings enability by default.

Now the question is which component provides all possibilities all together, the answer is simple, that is Disqus Joomla service. Look on the reason why I provoke to choose this awesome 3rd commenting system for your Joomla websites.

  • Fast and real time update

The commenting system doesn’t affect your site speed. It loads separately from Disqus on your Joomla websites. If you’ve website with a tons traffic, you don’t need to reload your site to see the latest update of the most recent comments. Everything will be updated live within your single blink eyes.

  • Less spamming and secured

Commenting with Disqus requires to login first, As a result only human can post comment, forget about the abusive behavior of dangerous bots.

  • Popular social integration

Social media is one of the finest place where you can reach people according to your interest easily. Disqus Joomla service comes with instant signup functionality with social media channels. If anyone signups with their social account, and comment in your blog. It’ll automatically posted the comment in their associate social media channel.

  • Remote moderation

Moderation of comment is essential to make your site atmosphere professional. To give the utmost flexibility, Disqus notifies it users via email when new comment is dropped, simultaneously you can approve,delete, and every reply those comment, directly from your emails. Enjoy the flexibility.

  • Complete Control

Your brand may have an unique identity, you want to adapt the overall every aspect of your official website matching your brand core color. To personalize the 3rd party commenting system to your brand it allow you to change default comment avatar, add CSS to personalize the look of your comment.

Having learnt about the benefits of Disqus Joomla Service, now I am going to show you how you can install Disqus comment in your Joomla websites. Let’s dive in.

Step 01: Create account and add website with Disqus Joomla

Heading over to the, you have to sign up first with your email first. If you have already a registered for this site, Get into this link to add Disqus to your site, add site domain name or subdomain name in the site name field, choose Disqus URL and appropriate category.

I am going to demonstrate the demo on zenithII template , so fill the empty with relevant details. When you fill the form correctly, select Finish Registration button.


Disqus provides compatibility with all popular CMS in the market, select Joomla as your platform in this stage.


After the previous selection of Joomla icon, you will be redirected to the following page, which includes the details instruction which plugin to download to integrate as Joomla Default commenting system. Copy the Shortname.


Step 02: Install Disqus plugin and link Shortname

Though above image shows the instruction line by line, I am going to describe it thoroughly. Login your Joomla backend, head to the extensions manager and install this Disqus for Joomla plugins.


Head to the plugins manager and search for Disqus, The search result will bring you two items, the first one is DISQUS Comments for Joomla and another is System -DISQUS comments for Joomla. Click on the first result to edit existing settings.


In this details page you will found a couple of field that you have to fill with relevant information like Shortname, category and menu item selection where the Disqus comment will be loaded. We have our shortname “zenithII”, I field the shortname field with zenithII. selected blog as category, and DigiCom as menu item. When you filled your select the save and close button.


Now head to the category section where you loaded the plugin, for demonstration I have rendered the plugin in our blog section, you can load any where you think important. Have a look on the image below.


Want enjoy the full feature of this 3rd party integration? you have to log in your Disqus account, where you can find unmatched opportunities of robust comment management. Like you can add collaborator to moderate site Joomla comments, customize default look on the commenting system and so many more.

If you found this article helpful, feel free to leave a comment what kind of article are you expecting from us. We'll really appreciate you for comment. Even we can give 10% discount on purchase from ThemeXpert if we find your comment awesome :)

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