By Md. Iqbal Hasan on Friday, 07 April 2017
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6 Joomla Templates Update Plus Quix 1.4.1 Released

We are always concerned about our client's needs, and therefore our developer team constantly works in accordance with this flow to meet their all requirements. Our principle is so plain. We build new products, bring to end-users and gather feedbacks. We give value each of their compliments since we committed to serve them till they satisfy, and thus we keep developing even the previous products as long as it fulfills their all demands.

In last few days, we have been working on a few issues of our revolutionary Drag and Drop page builder Quix as well as some of our current marketed Joomla templates as per we're informed by some of our clients. Now, it's a pleasure for us to announce that we've brought massive updates on those and successfully fixed all the troublesome problems they faced according to the information they gave, and we hope, it'll introduce you to a much better web experience ever since. The templates listed below have been received updates newly. Let's go through a bit.


Last month, we disclosed Quix v1.4.0 among the users, and we came to know about a few issues. In this version of Quix, we've then not only fixed those things, but we also improvised a couple of its existing features and brought completely fresh and smooth functionalities including some newly implemented features as well. Now, you will find the previous Image Compare Element as File Manager. Bar counter element will no more annoy you with nasty error messages or ugly front-end appearance. You can now upload even a 14MB+ image file on using the newly added File Manager without trouble being faced, and also the Carousel element responsiveness has been fixed.

Changelog: Version - Quix v1.4.1

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In the previous version of our Joomla based Infinito template, there was a problem with some of its elements for a particular web browser (Firefox). The problem was occurring because of a `.js.' The file inside the theme package. We've fixed this issue in this current version and now its v2.2.0.

Changelog : 2.2.0

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In Biznes previous version, Google Map element had an issue as we're informed by the users after releasing its previous version. They'd been facing errors while integrating Google map and its not showing the google map front-end how its supposed to be. It was for code overriding in that elements core program, and we've resolved that issue in its current version.

Changelog : 2.1.0

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In the previous version of Firefly Joomla template, there was a tiny issue on the contact form element. Sending mail was not feasible due to a few code internal problems, and that has been solved in the current version. Now, there is no difficulties and its working smoothly.

Changelog : 1.5.0

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Digistore Joomla eCommerce template is now supported video background as we're requested by some of our users to do so. You can now get the option to enable or disable using a video as the background while you're using Digistore as the default template.

Changelog : 1.2.0

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This time, Finance Joomla template has come with huge improvisations including a bunch of new things added newly, a few have been updated, and some of the existing bugs have been resolved. Two more stunning homepage variations, a good amount of stylish fonts, newly created Service element, a well decorated and trendy testimonial, Bar Chart, Doughnut chart, pie chart elements and much more things have been now integrated with Finance template that will definitely give you a new UX for sure.

Changelog : 1.1.0

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