Happy Halloween. Spooky Halloween is knocking at the door, but we have been still working hard at ThemeXpert HQ. You know the reason is only to provide you utmost excellence in every bit of our templates. Even our production and support team continue exploring and learning new technologies as well as tactics to serve you with modern artilleries. We really proud of our both teams to work their best. We are grateful to our team members. The important thing to inform you, our client base is growing everyday. Since the beginning of last month, we have been a little bit busy, even hardly get time to storytelling. Fortunately today I have got some spare time to gossip in blog and tell you about last two template features as well as distribute your Halloween gifts So, let’s go.

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Establishing a sound business communication with your existing customers and targeted clients is considered key to business strategy. The more you get a chance to communicate with the audience, the more you feel what they expect from you. Now the question is. What is the effective way to reach to customers easily? The answer is managing an interactive forum on your website.

You might be thinking, why to manage a forum in a separate website instead of using social channels. Though social media are easier ways to reach existing and target customer, but the problem is the user created issues are unorganized. Even they are difficult to find out quickly. So if you want to foster real discussion and want to manage them easily on your site, your best bet is to add a forum.

Before bouncing from this post cowering in fear, allow me to ease your mind. You don’t need to know a single line of code to add a forum to your Joomla site. You might think, I’m kidding. No, I am not. The only thing you have to install the extension and configure them to your specification.

From my experience I found two awesome discussion extension in Joomla JCE (Joomla Extension Directory), the first in Kunena (Free) and another is EasyDiscuss (Premium).

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Whether your business is large, or bootstrapping with your startup, naturally you want to reach your customer applying all your marketing strategies. But today's customers have been prudent enough to decode your marketing traps. Now a days, they are seldom got allured to click on your online advertisement and even they don’t believe in product ratings. But don’t worry, people still believe in quality contents. A statistic shows 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog. If you want to boost your website conversion, you should include it right away.

Adding a blog in a website is pretty easy, but each CMS follows different ways. My today’s job is to show you how to add blog in a Joomla powered website. There are couple of Joomla blogging component and extensions are available online, some are free and some are premium. I have chosen K2. K2 is powerful, Free, and choice of millions of Joomla webmasters as a content extension.

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When you have an initiative to launch your website, the conversion goal becomes your bread and butter. You might have invested your utmost endeavor to attract your visitors. But your catchy headlines and descriptions still fail to pin visitors on your website. If you're desperately striving to reach to your conversion goal, then I have a well-researched solution. The solution is Typography.

In 2006 Oliver Reichenstein wrote Web Design is 95% Typography. Some people love it, some get amazed. So, be focused on. If you're focusing mostly on other element of your website rather than typography, you might be on wrong traction. There are a number of elements of typography, but choosing an incredible font is considered most important of them.

Finding a font sounds time consuming and costly, But don’t worry Google has been supplying the community with a large collection of web-based fonts for quite a few years. At the time of this writing there are 651 font families available at Google font Library . You can filter all fonts by specific categories and font characteristics.

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A website represents your business identity and hold the prestige of your brand. You invest your most of the time and hard labor to make your website trendy, slick and user friendly. But when a visitor clicks on a link, and if it directs him to a page or files that is deleted or no longer existed, you might not reach to the goal that you deserve. So, it's harmful for your business. Even it could be reason of losing a handful of customers and slow down your whopping conversion rate.

Generally, most of the website contains broken links. But don’t worry, it’s avoidable. You might be thinking how to avoid it, right? Before heading to the solution, you have to find out the reason why the broken links occurs. There are numerous reasons that could occur this troublesome. Here are some.

  • The website owner changed the post or page alias (Probably to improve SEO).
  • The website is restructured: resulting in page having a different URL.
  • The website is transferred to a new domain and owner forget or did setup a redirect.
  • The website may go offline owing to hacking, a firewall, limited bandwidth, or the website owner not paying their hosting bill.
  • The website owner has removed the page or post
  • Website no longer exists
  • External website that have gone offline.
  • Misspelling in the link

A common technical errors are noticed to forget to include http:// at the beginning of a link. When you make this mistake, the browser assumes that you are trying to link to a location that is relative to your current location. For example, If you incorrectly linked to www.psdhub.com from this article instead of http://www.psdhub.com the URL would be published as a http://www.themexpert.com/blog/www.psdhub.com

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An image can express a thousand words within a single appearance. It not only tells its audience what you precisely want to tell them, but also breathes life to your website and help to accelerate your conversion wheel. A research shows that images increase trust, CTA (click through rate), website traffic, and conversion rate. Another research was conducted by HubSpot images in digital media and among the results were a few key nuggets like the fact that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post.

You know images are important. Now the question where do you find free, quality images that cleared to use for your blog post, social media contents and in the section essential for your website?

The answer is sad but true, almost all quality and niche suited images are projected by copyright. Even nearly every image created in the last 30 years is still protected by copyright—a protection that gives virtually every author the exclusive right to use or reproduce their work. But don’t be frustrated, you can find a public domain photo, use a Creative Commons image that might need attribution or even create your own image from scratch. Let’s explore all of links, here are the list.

(NoteI've tried to showcase the sites comes with royalty free stock photos, but before using the image check their license, It could be changed by author anytime.)

01. Unsplash

Unsplash provide free, fantastic and height-resolution 10 stock photos on every 10 days, contributed by talented people. The photos are easy to download, no tweet, no status, and email subscription required. Just visit the website, scroll to choose your preferred images, and click on the download button. You can also be part of Unsplash, just submit your photo and it will be published after verification of its actuality and quality.


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You have launched your own business online, you have invested more than half of your total capital to bring up a slick website interface and backend functionality. You are getting tons of expected traffic, but you are still unhappy because your conversion rate is extremely low. You might have tweaked your business model numerous time for the same regard. But your expectation is not kicked in 100%. It is because your website contains unnecessary element that’s confusing your visitors to be converted.

You all know, our one of the goal is to educate our client, and provide you quality resources time to time. Couple of weeks ago we prepared an outstanding article 7 key elements for high-converting landing page. Hope, you found the article helpful. Today we are going to share 10 key element of high converting business website. Here are the elements.

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Think about the last couple of years ago as a front developer, you had to code hundred lines of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to bring up a simple website skeleton. You might have spent hours and hours fixing simple proximity issue and making separate layout for every viewing screens as well as devices. Even you probably had to itched your head because of fixing cross browser compatibility issues.

But now a days everything has been super simpler, CSS frameworks have become the foundations of web projects and made easy web developing streamline. Most of these frameworks contain numerous grid system, cross browser and device compatibility fixes, custom layout and many more opportunities. Here are 5 CSS framework that serve your need at the best.

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