Finding a right Joomla extension for your site is always painful when you have choice of 7K+ extensions. Right now, Joomla Extension Directory (JED) contains 7943 extensions and choosing right extension for sites could be a nightmare. For you we have prepared a short list of extensions which every Joomla site requires.

All the extensions mentioned in this article are regularly used by ourselves and our child sites. Neither we have any affiliation with the extension provider nor we have used any affiliate link.

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If you ever get the chance to use EasyBlog, EasyDisucss or even free Komento extension you know the quality of their product. All of their extensions are well thought and professionally crafted. Our Blog and Forum also runs their product and we are extremely satisfied. Recently they announced for a new Social extension and I believe that will be another top notch product like EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss.

After seeing their screenshot and talking with them I can say it's a true rival of Jomsocial and Community Builder. I'm really excited to integrate this EasySocial in our template and Expose framework.

If you are excited like I, just sign up there mailing list to stay updated with latest news and offers.

EasySocial Website

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Do you know what is a webmaster's biggest nightmare? You're right. It's the hackers. Every now and then, website administrators get to deal with hackers. It's not possible to make your website 100% hack-proof. A small security hole in your entire website's coding can give an experienced hacker access to the backend of your website. And if they manage to crack it down, you may have a hard time figuring out what to do if you didn't have a backup. However, if you do have a backup, you can restore the site. But what's the guarantee that it won't be hacked again? How do you exactly what security hole gave the hacker access to your server in the first place?

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